The complete test equipment from one source! Directly from the manufacturer

Crack finder / crack detection media and equipment for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

Penetrant Testing systems red/white and fluorescent with different sensitivity levels, certified according to EN ISO 3452. Spraying equipment, test lines for PT and activated carbon filters.

Magnetic powder, White contrast paint and additives for Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), black/white and fluorescent, for wet and dry testing, ready to use suspensions and concentrates, oil and water based, certified according to EN ISO 9934. Test benches, chain inspection units, high current units, hand yokes and other magnetizing equipment, magnetic field meters and reference test blocks.

UV hand lamps, UV panel lights, UV special lights and UV pocket lamps according to EN ISO 3059, wave length 365 nm, with high UVA power and homogenous illumination.

Vacuum pumps, vacuum boxes and leak detection agents for leak testing if wanted with licence of DVGW.

Coupling agents and coupling oil for ultrasonic testing.

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